App: Mobile Game – Dig That Gold

Game: Dig That Gold
Platform: Available on iOS
Price: FREE
Award: Real Gold Bar

This game is FREE download on iOS. There are 2 main characters on this game which is Pop Marshall and his daughter, Dixie.
There are 2 interesting business about this game that will attract your attention.

1. Download this game for FREE from Apple Store. Once you have enough gold nuggets in the game, you will get real GOLD bar. They will send it to your door step. Believe it or not? Play game and get awarded! 😀

2. This is the first mobile game in the world that offers public to invest for franchise mobile game. Don’t you know, mobile game is making profit up by year until now. Basically, you have to invest some amount of money to own a Level in the game. You will get the profit  up to 438%. To know more? I suggest you to contact them or visit their website at

I am more than excited to play this game now to get the real GOLD bar!


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