Food: NY Steak Shack @ AEON Shah Alam

Platter? Fish to beef? 

Honestly, I prefer fish then red meat or chicken. Maybe I have strong 'AQUA' behaviour that I love water and everything in between. lol. But this time, my brother has just made me eat chicken and beef. (Once in a while, kasi chance lah!)

So, it's my first time being in NY Steak Shack. The concept is similar as Fish Manhattan, but their preference is more on 'meaty' dish. It is enough for three of us, me, mum and bro. (Because I had just a little =p) 

Since it was oa public holiday, I am sure that the service will be a quite 'slow'. So, I was super hungry and I have not been wanting to wait for too long.

There was a waitress standing in front of the restaurant and invited us in. First thing first, my mom has a short conversation with her
Mom: How long will be the waiting?
Waitress: We are trying to make it smooth"
Mom: What's the estimation?
Waitress: You can have a sit first
I was like !@#$%^&*()#$%^&* Why can't you answer the question instead of giving us false hope?!

Okay fine, we just step in since other restaurant were full house though. 

We ordered the platter comes with 2 soft drinks and crispy 'shroom'. The waiter sent 1 cmall plate and 3 sets of knife and folks. The waiting begins......
The drinks just came 15 mins after.
Another 5 minutes, crispy shroom came. The waiting continues...
Mean time, I called the waiter to get extra plate and spoon too (the expecting us to eat pasta and rice with knite and folk I guess?) Non of them bothered...
okay 35 minutes the platter arrived. But, still haven't get my plates and spoon.
I walked off to the counter to get them by my self. The waiter asked me to seat and will send it over. But I was damn pissed off and that makess me "That's fine, just pass me the spoon and plates".
Only then we can enjoy the food...

To be honest, the platter was good. One thing that makes the enjoyable moments turns out 👎👎👎 because the service super "SLOW" 🐢🐢🐢 half an hour queue for the food really makes me 😬😬😬 Anyways, I will have more but not at this outlet *fingercrosss*


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