Cosmetic: Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Colour – Rouge à lèvres Luxe

Sneek-peek-review on a new lipstick we have gotten from Boobi Brown @ Midvalley, Kuala Lumpur. 
Even the looks can tell how exclusive of this luxury lipstick are. It is moisture compared to their Top Rated – Lip Colour range. We like the formulation and their nude range that goes well with pigmented lips. It is really bright, sophisticated with very sweet and chic look@

Even though,  price tag is quite high, but hey, the product truly delivers!

Brand: Bobbi Brown
Range: Rouge à lèvres Luxe
Weight: 13 OZ/3.8 gColour: Soft Berry 8
Price: MYR 107

TIPS: For long lasting wear, use lip gloss on your lips before apply your favourite lipstick. Your lips will looks plump as well. Trust me!


Cosmetic: Ronasutra – Mineral Loose Powder

One after another cosmetic product that you will need to consider before buy or use is “CONTENT” or “INGREDIENTS”. This is my main concern after all. I love to go for nature, organic or mineral based products for long term use. 

However, there is no proper research on mineral product for skin. There are pros and cons of using it. Basically, mineral product contains iron oxides, talc, zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide. Those ingredients will be go through micronization process, or ground and milled, into tiny particles to create makeup.

Ronasutra is one of the brand that produce mineral base make up and well known among mid-consumer. This is one of the best product for a natural look. Based on my own experience, it is very light and hide can little flaw. After application, it will blend in your skin and effects the skin to glow and radiance. By any chance, the effects will be different for everyone. Since I do not have any skin problem, this is the best product for daily use. 
Price: MYR 45.00
Where: Pharmacy, small cosmetics dealer in Malaysia
Rate: 6/10 – I don’t like the container

**This is a non-paid review. All statement is based on my own experience. You can take my positive impression about this product before considering to buy or use this product**

Make Up: Marc Jacobs – Kiss Pop Lip Color, Strawberry Red

Hi Girls! (This content are meant for girls, opps!)
Let see what I’ve got here this time, 

 Bought form Sephora @ Bukit Bintang for 95 MYR.
Honestly, I like it because it is long lasting. Believe me or not, “ kissable color from an ultra-covetable“, taken from Marc Jacobs’ site. And I second that! 

It is still there on my lips even after I had my meal. One no good thing is, we have to use make up remover to remove the lip color lol. But overall, I am satisfied with this one!

This is how am I looks like with that so-called Marc Jacobs’ – Kiss Pop Lipstick!

Can’t you see how it works on me ? 😀

“I also think it’s very sexy—this idea of popping your lips.”—Marc Jacobs 


With loves, 
AJ xoxo