Make Up: Sephora Mini Ultra Shine Lip Gloss

Hello everyone. Happy August! 😀

So was a month of Syawal? Any open house?

I don’t really wanna talk about my “Eid” experience this year. It is way different since it is the first year celebrated without dad ;(

So, let’s get back to girl ‘thang’. Recently I went to Sephora @ Star Hill for find nail polish. Found out they don’t have much choice as Sephora in KLCC. I should go to KLCC at the first place though.

I bought a nail polish, very light Rose Pink color. I am looking for water based and easy to tear nail polish but I could not find it there. There are few brands with that criteria, but I have to get it online. I purposely don’t buy online because I need it like ASAP. And I prefer to buy anything and get it on the spot. Because I can check on the item and test it out.

*I forgot to take a snap of the nail polish, I will update it tomorrow lol.*

Apart from nail polish, I bought nail polish remover, it cost me RM 19 for 50 ml. What I like about the nail polish is, the first time you pour on tissue, you smell the alcohol, but once after you apply to the nail to remove the nail polish, it smell damn nice 😀 I recommend this!
So what happened was when I am at the counter to make the payment, I took out my Sephora Membership card, suddenly I heard the the staff having conversation with he middle eat girl who is lining up in front of me, “Would you like to register as a member today? You will get FREE lip gloss if you sign up”. I quickly keep my membership card and when it comes to my turn, the staff asked me if I have a member, I said ” I don’t have”. She told me, the same that I will get free lip gloss if I sign-up. So, with my confidence, I keep my membership card, fill the form, made payment and yeay! I’ve got this



Who does not like FREE gift? =p
So now I have 2 membership cards but I will still use my very first membership card since I have the highest points there. Hehe. Well, any of you should know my tricks now right ? 

Girls, if you don’t mind wasting your money, you can buy as much as you can. But if you have an option to get it free, DO IT adnd DON’t MISSED it 😀

Muchos! xoxo AJ

Make Up: Travel Set Brush Sephora

Hey girls!

I never had a set of proper brush for make up. Usually, I will but one at one time. But this time, I grab a set of travel brush. Obviously for travelling purposes lol. But still I am using it whenever I put on make up 🙂

Sooo cute 😀 Even it is small but the brush is very soft. I like it because the brush is not easily tear from the root.It cost me MTR 45 if not mistaken. I could not remember the price already since I have bought it early of this year. Bought it at Sephora Bukit Bintang. I don’t know why I love to go there so much even though I do not have anything in mind to buy. Lol.!

Til Then, xoxo. muchos! AJ

Cosmetic: Rouge a levres – Brown 4 – from Bobbi Brown

Weekend was awesome. Super duper awesome! Apart from having good food, I had a very good mood to waste some money for something that I am into. Lol. So, again, I went to Bobbi Brown in Pavilion. Actually just passing by since it is located opposite of ZARA. I was looking for promos, they do have promos but they do not have what I want. *ah, demn choosie lah my self*.

I already have something in mind that I have been wanting for soo long.. LipStick! The only lipstick I have is the RED and wear it like once in a while becaue the colour is too obvious and yeah, everybody will noticed a hot girl with reddish on the lips and sweet smile. So, after have a look and try this and that, I told the beautician that I wanted something nude but not too brown, something pink but not too pink. I want it natural. Haha. 

A stick of Bobbi Brown lipstick.

Why I chose Bobbi Brown? 
Because I like nude, naked color. Since I have a ‘hitam manis’, it is just suit me

I got this for my self. Rouge a levres – brown 4. Soft matte. I knew it is a bit expensive but still I am satisfy to have such quality products on my face. Plus it is a treats for my self. Whatever happens, we should have or get something for our self every month after getting paid. After cut off all expenses and savings, we MUST get something. It is call, SATISFACTION!

Thank you for the recommendation beautician, You just made me drop my money again about eighty eight bux! But again, thank you because I like it 🙂