Win Your Dream House and Prizes Worth More than RM1.5 million

During Shopee’s Cahaya Raya Campaign

Cahaya Raya Survey Gives Further Insights into Malaysians’ Shopping Habits

KUALA LUMPUR, 20 APRIL 2018 – Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan will be launching its Cahaya Raya Campaign, offering prizes worth more than RM1.5 million including a ‘Rumah Impian’ (dream house) worth RM350,000, a Honda HRV worth RM100,000 and a Volkswagen Polo worth RM80,000 for the lucky winners for the Ketupat Raya in-app game, a collaboration with Visa. The campaign starts from 3 May to 17 June, and will feature exclusive deals on more than 100,000 products with up to 90% discounts.

Cahaya Raya_Infographic_ENG

Prior to launching the Cahaya Raya campaign, Shopee also conducted a pre-Raya survey from 2 to 9 April to gain a better insight of Malaysians’ shopping habits leading up to the Raya period. Up to 140,000 respondents from all over Malaysia took part in the survey.
Below are some interesting findings from the survey:
● 85% of the respondents are below the age of 35, proving that the adopters of e-commerce are generally young
● The highest number of respondents are recorded from Selangor, making up more than 20% of the total number of respondents
● East Malaysians comprise 20% of the respondents as they find online shopping more convenient and gives them access to a wider assortment of products
● 80% of respondents start making preparations for Raya from a month before Ramadan.
● Around 90% of respondents regularly shop online, at least once a month
● 95% of respondents cited price and promotions as the main reason that they prefer to shop online
● Additional pull factors that draw users to shop online include convenience, product variations and other incentives such as free shipping and zero commissions as well as platforms that offer secure payment methods – all of which are available on Shopee!
● Interestingly, the top 5 categories purchased by female respondents during this pre-Raya period include Men’s Clothing (which ranks the highest, even above Women’s Clothing and Women’s Bags & Purses), and Men’s Shoes
● On the other hand, top 5 categories purchased by male respondents are Men’s
Clothing, Accessories, Men’s Shoes, Men’s Bags & Wallets and Muslim Fashion.
● More than 40% of respondents spend more than RM200 per person buying products in preparation for Hari Raya

*Please refer to the attached infographic for more details
“Shopee’s Cahaya Raya campaign was launched in response to the insights we derived from the survey. Users can shop a wide variety of over 100,000 products at up to 90% off, across popular categories including Fashion, Health & Beauty, Home & Living and many others. Also, as Hari Raya is all about celebrating at home with family and loved ones, we decided to add some cheer by giving away a ‘Rumah Impian’ (dream house) and two cars as part of this campaign. We hope to make it a dream come true for our lucky winners,” said Ian Ho, Shopee’s Regional Managing Director.

“With technology becoming an integral part of Malaysians’ lifestyles, they have shifted their shopping behaviour from offline to online. Based on VisaNet data, eCommerce spend by consumers is growing more than twice of face-to- face transactions. During this festive season, we believe in creating the best partnerships, such as Shopee, to provide benefits that are relevant for Malaysians and are committed to promoting the growth of electronic payments in Malaysia,” said Ng Kong Boon, Visa Country Manager for Malaysia.

Shopee has partnered with leading brands including Nestle, XES Shoes, honor Malaysia, Maybelline, Watsons, ASUS, Petpet, Universal Traveller, Russell Taylors and Dettol and many more, to provide a series of attractive deals during the Cahaya Raya campaign peaks from 3 to 6 May and from 24 to 27 May.

Throughout the campaign, users can enjoy non-stop deals and promotions and Shocking Sale flash deals that will happen to 5 times a day. Shopee users can also stand a chance to win other prizes such as Shopee coins, vouchers, televisions, portable irons, hair-dryers and many more items that will make this Raya celebration more joyous.

For more information, visit

From 19 April onwards, you can take a sneak peek of the upcoming Cahaya Raya
campaign here: raya

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Fashion: Men’s Shoes Collection (PART 1)

           This is the sequel of my collection from perfumes collection I have shared last month. Personally, I have passion in collecting quality and branded items. This time I would like to share my shoes collection. Before that, we should know the basic shoes structure. Basically, a perfect shoe must have heels, upper lining, toe cap and upper.

Model/Type: Calf Leather Loafer (PEDRO)
Price: MYR 379 (Including 6% GST)
Size: 8 UK
Colour: Maroon
Brand: PEDRO 
Outlet: Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.

Calf Leather Loafer (PEDRO) is a special gift from a friend. Well-known over indulgent Pedro style, these tasselled loafer have been taken to the max and then some. At very first glance, these lingered as off-putting. Overall this shoes is made with fully calf leather including lining. The casual looks is very suitable for dinner or casual event. I could say, it is super comfortable and surprisingly durable.

Model/Type: Chukka Dress Shoes
Price: MYR 149 (Including 6%)
Size: 8 UK 
Colour: Brown
Brand: H&M
Outlet: Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur

Chukka Dress Shoes (H&M) I bought this shoes for my self somewhere in 2014. It is made by fake leather material, canvas lining, out hole & plastic heels. This shoes, not quite high-top, not quite low-top, and in some variation of dark brown, is as versatile and refined as casual footwear gets. The lining is very soft and light which made the feet comfortable and suitable for long walk. Instead of wearing normal black shoes for work, this one could be the second choice.

Model/Type: Leather Sandal
Price: MYR 329 (Including 6%)
Size: 9 UK 
Colour: Based white + Calf Leather
Brand: ZARA
Outlet: Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur

Leather Sandal (Zara) is one best deal I have got so far with 70% discount which cause me MYR 80. Normally, I wear UK 8 size but I had to get a UK 9 for good fit the strap. This shoes is very casual look, which you can pair it up with short pant or khakis to hang out with friend on weekend. However, it is not good for long hours due to heaviness. 

Model/Type: Leather Suede
Price: MYR 120 (Including 6%)
Size: 8 UK 
Colour: Black 
Brand: N/A 
Outlet: Instagram (Men.Fashion.Store)

Calf Leather Suede (on-line) This is my first shoes which I bought on-line on Instagram from Men.Fashion.Store. It is fully calf leather including inner lining. The shoe itself is classy and a must have for collector as good buy. The colour of the shoes exactly the same as advertised. It is hard at the tip cap but comfortable shoes for day to day use. Overall, I am very satisfied with the product.

I really hope my contribution for will help everybody out there to consider before purchase any perfume. Thank you to AdybaJee.comfor giving me opportunity to share my obsession about perfumes. I’m looking forward for future write-up and hope to work together next time. If you have inquiries, please follow me on twitter @RimieLicious and Instagram Mie_Lachowski

Once again thank you everyone for your time to read my review. HM.

Fashion: Me and high heels

Hello girls!

I could say, high heels is one of girls best friend. But not all likes to wear high heels. Right?

I loves high heels much. But still I don’t wear it everyday or on the day I have to stand for long hours. Actually, I went to Sunway Pyramid last weekend. Not really looking for heels but to release tension. My best cure when I am down or frustrated or sad or mad is ONLY “SHOPPING” 😀

I have loads of heels and also have the one I never wear yet. lol. I love high heels and handbags.

So, I haven’t buy any of those above. Just simply trying for fun 🙂 The reason why I don’t buy is because, I am in the middle of moving house and all my stuffs are everywhere. It is not the right time to add up more. Soon, I will share my collections once I am settle down.  

Til then, xoxo. AJ. Muchos!