Food Review: Cafe 123Gasing @ 123 Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya

Nowadays a lot of so-called “hipster” cafe is springing up like mushrooms after the rain. We had a chance to try out one of the cafe located in Petaling Jaya, near to the PPUM. 

Sunday night is always the best time to visit hotspots as there are not much crowd. Menu in their cafe  most likely average as other cafes out there. The interrior design makes it different. 

We got the green tea latter and bread pudding with caramel sauce. You have to make an order at the counter and pay. The waiter will send your food / drink once it is ready. As a reminder, you have to tell them if you want your drink to be “real” hot. As they steam the milk only to 60 degree Celsius. So, the drink served a bit warm, if you like. They served drink sugar-less, which is good!

It is a cool place for you to enjoy with family and friend but the space is so limited. You cannot expected to be there for long hours as people will always keep waiting for their turn. So yeah, the best time is, Sunday night. Lol!

Address: 123, Jalan Gasing, Seksyen 10, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-7932 1979

Rate: 3.5 / 5

Food: The Counter @ Pavilion

Hello ladies and gentlemen!
Have you heard THE COUNTER – Build Your Own Burger ?


             This time we would like to share the best customized burger in Malaysia that we had so far. It is delicious, nutritious and really worth it! This restoran located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. It is inside one of the high-end shopping mall, Pavilion in Bukit Bintang.
The interior is modern and classy with late 90’s R&B music. First impression will makes you think twice before enter the restaurant. But really, the food and service is worth the price. It is suitable for family dinner or date.
How the customize burger works?
Once you have been seated, you will be provided with a menu and at the back of the page, there is a captain order for your customize burger. You can chose either you wants your burger to be serve with bread or in top of salad. The flavour will be tuna, turkey, chicken and beef. If you really want to go here, make sure you are super hungry. Because the portion is kind of ‘BIG’.
We had a chicken breast 225 gm which is equal to 2 grilled chicken breast with loads of vegetables. You are able to choose one condiment or extra change for more. But you can choose unlimited vegetables. Honey Dijon on the side for the dip. Yummy!
This is the closed view of the grilled chicken burger served with pretzel bread. The pretzel bread a lil bit crispy.

The next dish is tune on salad. This is the portion of 450 gm tuna. Tuna is freshly made. Good thing about the burger, it is all healthy as it is made of handmade and real food.

 For reservation,

Address: Dining Loft, 7th Floor, Pavilion shopping mall, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

FOOD: Texas Chicken @ Mid Point Shopping Center, Pandan Indah

Hello guys!
Long time ago, there was A&W located here. But not too long ago, it has been closed. It is so much frustrating because we hardly can find A&W in Malaysia nowadays. However, they have replace a new fast food restaurant. 
To those who residing at Pandan Indah, you should come to Texas Chicken @ Mid Point Shopping Center, Pandan Indah today as it is just open today. The first 1,500 customer who spent MYR 30 above will received a FREE coke tumblr. Awesome! 

The only thing that makes me craves to this “Texas Chicken” is their Honey-Butter Biscuits. Actually, it is not really a biscuit. The texture is more likely to a bun but with a crispy and honey sweet on the top.

I only eat the top of the biscuits though 😉

I don’t want to missed out trying their new promotion too. The El Paso Chicken will never goes wrong with the unique BBQ seasoning. The chicken is tenderly cooked which I like. The combo set come together with a soft drink, and French Fries. The French Fries really goes well with the same seasoning too. But I which they could add extra seasoning. lol.  

They also have a promotion which the combo will come with FREE Honey-Butter Biscuits. Yeay. Few other Free and discounted adds-on. The Jalapeno Bomber is good but a lil bit spicy.
The new environment and arrangement in Texas Chicken does reflected this old shopping mall. It was dim-mellow-feeling if you ever came here last time. But now, I think, Texas Chicken going to be a new hot spot for youngsters apart from McDonald. Interior arrangement in this outlet is very convenient and clean. Which I could come here more often. So far, the Wifi works good too. I like! 🙂

Don’t missed your opportunity to grab the tumbler. Muchos!

Food: Citarasa Linda Onn @ Tesco Ampang

Hi guys! How are you doing?
One of my everyday and week problem is “What to eat today?”. We a lot of food nowadays and we can’t event think of what to eat on some days. Because we had too much good food everyday. lol. So, what happened was, I was craving for Malay cooking but ended up here in Linda Onn’s Restaurant (Linda Onn is a known Radio-DJ and celebrity in Malaysia). 
I knew about the restaurant years ago but this is my very first time to step in to for lunch. I have heard rumours saying that, the chicken rice is no good and expensive. So, why not this time, I took a step in to find out the truth 😀

I ordered their signature Chicken Rice which is Mom’s Original Chicken Rice. The price is MYR 9.50. Chicken rice comes with chicken, rice, home made chilli paste and soup. The rice is good but a bit small portion. Overall, the chicken rice is good and I could give 3/5 stars.

For the average girl like me, it is fine with the portion of the rice, but as for my friends, they said, the rice is so little and not enough lol. But anyway, the food was nice. We don’t order other side dishes this time. Come on, we just finish our Zumba and don’t expected us to eat more. Kidding!

However, I am quite disappointed with the drink. I ordered Coffee Tarik Float. It is just a normal coffee which we can get at Mamak Stall (Indian Muslim Restaurant), the difference is they put an ice cream on the top of the coffee. Honestly, I am totally not satisfy because it does not seems anything special about the drink. It cost me MYR 7.50 and its not worth it. But you can’t go wrong with the chicken rice, it is nice.

Address: Tesco Ampang
Jalan Pandan Muhibbah, Dataran Pandan Prima, 55100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

That is all for now. Anyway, I am still open for anyone who would like to contribute articles. Please e-mail me for inquiries:

Muchos! xoxo AJ

Food: Pancake House, Paradigm Mall

Heyyo! Another sweet tooth for early this month 😀
I was looking for something light and not too sweet but good. lol!
So here my leg brought me on my off day. Actually, I went to see my best friend. Lotsa girls stuffs need to talk about :”> We do gossip everyday but to meet each other nowadays is not that “easy” as she have another commitments with husband  and families since she got married. And me working on odd hour is another challenge to manage time for be with my families and friends. 
Since, it is “evening tea” time, We decided to get some pancakes and a cup of hot chocolates (for my self). She is not having any sweet drink, maybe too sweet for the baby in the womb. lol. 

There was no one inside the restaurant when first we stepped in. Wondering why? The pancake and waffle should not be good as Paddington House of Pancake, but why not? With no other customer, we go ahead to get some snack. Never mind, we should try.

So, I was looking at the menu and got the Cheese Waffle for my self and Nora (my best friend) got her self Layered Chocolate Pancakes. 

The service is okay with 1 barista and 1 waitress. After they took our orders, a lady came with kids. After that she deliver the drinks to us and that lady. We had 2 warm water for me and Aish Kus and hot chocolate for myself. Nora told me the warm water taste like a soap. I taste mine, so yes is it! That is no good.. I called up the waitress and she got into the bar, wash the glasses and replace a new warm water. That’s way better than the barista boy whom prepared earlier. I can see her effort to provide us good service. I don’t really want to condemn and I don’t take bad photo on food. But something about the restaurant that makes me think twice to come again. The food deco is good but I could say “selekeh” as I could see the chocolate and cheese drop here and here on the plate. Even my hot chocolate drinks, The chocolate powder is round the cup. It is so mess! Last but not least, they use the paper menu/promo on the table, but I can see drops of drink on it. Come on, the paper cost you less that 10 cent, why can’t you change it with a new one? We do pay but hell, I don’t bother to come again. 


The pancake and waffle are good. The honey is too sweet and very liquid. (My doubt: They must be mixing the honey and liquid sugar, so I don’t like it. It does not taste like honey!

So, I’ve got my answer why no customer at the first place. (*Wink*).
Thanks for reading:)
xoxo AJ

Food: Bunga Tanjung Western & Grill, Kampung Melayu Subang

Hello everyone!

This time I went to more venturous spots for food. It is very complicated to get there. Fortunately my best friends drove there to try the food. The idea of getting there is because Nora best friend) was craving for sweet tooth. (But I think maybe her baby inside the womb craving for it) Anyway, I also was wondering , how the heck her hubby got to know the place? So, the owner was his schoolmate. I never heard and never knew this place until that night. lol! 
It is located in the middle of housing area and all the way to “Bunga Tanjung” feels like  I am really in the village 😀 Thank god not to crowd when we got there.

Last night special’s was Baked Meatballs Serve with Gratin. I had that! I could give two thumbs up for that. The meatballs is soft and the tomato based is good. Those who have likes western but having like very Malaysian tongue, I recommend here!

See… The cheese is melting.. nyums!

So another sweet tooth that we had was, this…
Bunga Tanjung Nachos

You can’t get enough of it. It is good.

Another specialty there is the “Nasi Lemak”. However, any of us did not take it as it is already mid-night lol. Enough food for the night. My best friend had tried that last time, as she said the “Nasi Lemak” was awesome! Maybe next time  I will 🙂

So here, I managed to get the menus screen shot. 
Believe it or not, it is really worth it! Cheap and tasty!

I have attached the map to get there. Just in case if you lost.
You can use WAZE for better accurate location yaw!

Til then!

xoxo AJ

Food: Wondermama @ Avenue K, Jalan Ampang, KL

Heyyo! I am back again with my food obsession =p 
Anyway, it was my first time to Wondermama. The interior is nice. Good for chill out session there. The moment I step inside, I was wondering what is so special about this place? Look at the menu, “oh, quite expensive. The menu pun biasa je. Can get from mamak”. Nevermind, I just get my ass for 5 pax. (I went there since my ex-housemate/house owner invited for lunch. I have been renting with her for 5-6 years, since I was studied. That day, Eve came with Winberly, Michelle and Win’s brother. So much to alk about with them, with Eve especially.. 🙂 ). 

So, let’s get on the menu…

The first thing I look for is, drink…Nice colour and nice taste. It is Three layer pandan, if I am not mistaken. I just love the pandan. But I am still wondering, is it from real pandan leaves or they use the pandan flavoring? But anyway, it is good.

Don’t you guys know that they have the best Seafood Meggi Goreng ? What so special about it? Lots of SEAFOOD. Yes!

It is damn gooooo. But Eve told me that last time use oyster and testier. That is why people coming back for that. Wondermama should have to served it with oyster the next time I come lol 🙂

The next good food I tried there was, Spaghetti Marinara Seafood with an Asian touch. Some of us don’t really like the real taste of Marinara flavour, but I bet, most Malaysian gonna love it. Because it has the Malaysian touch. 

When I stepped out of the restaurant, I would say, some food there are worth the price. I could not finish it alone, I rather share lol. Big thanks to Eve for the treats 😀 I am gonna miss you girl! Hope to see you some other times and please do keep in touch. I hope you read this 🙂

Till then , with loves, muchos!

Food: Breakfast at Chawan @ Jalan Telawi, Bangsar

Hey readers!

It has been sometimes I have not hang out with just The Terungs. Maybe some of you wondering who are “The Terungs” right? Let me recall, The Terungs is the team of myself, Zuzu and Kifli Mally. We do have a videos where you can find in youtube and instagram. But it was long time ago. And we are bout to start it all over again. lol. I pretty sure, some of you remember “Anjalna”. But now, Anjalna is wearing scarf. lol. 

So, The Terungs went for a breakfast at Chawan Bangsar last weekend for another video shoot. The very first coffee for the day. Kopi Tanjung Malim. The have more than 10 types of coffee originate from each states in Malaysia. I haven’t try all yet.

Obviously, this is not mine. It is Zuzu’s one. Nasi Tomato(Tomato Rice) & rendang daging. Too heavy for breakfast isn’t it?

This is Roti Bom and Chicken Curry. This one, mak ayam punya. Still not mine. Oily and thick some more. I don’t like it that way.

Yes, this was what I ordered. Steam banana. This is pisang nangka, sweet and sour taste. Served withgrated coconut and sambal. I eat it plain.

All cost us about RM 30++. Quite expensive including GST 6% and Service Charge 10%. But who cares if you can afford it, right?

Til then mi amor. With loves, AJ. Muchos!

Food: Banana Leaf Rice (Nasi Daun Pisang) Nirwana @ Bangsar

Hey! It is Banana Leaf Rice!

Remember I told you the day I went to Coffea Coffee? ME and friend went to Nirwana Bansar for dinner. It is2 blocks away and just walk there. Damn lotsa rice, as usualy, I eat like quarter of it and the rest, Zuzu will finished them. Lol. He used to finish all the foods but still can maintain his figure. 

It was my first time being there. The fried vegetables was damn good. I was able to finished all the veggies except the rice and chicken. Too bad. I ordered Chicken Kurma. It is spicy. 

There were Zuzu, Sheril, Sheril, Kifli Mally, Elle, me and Sharul. We had fun and full =D

I am going there again for the fried veggies. I have to leave now. It is time to go back home. Yeay!

Til then , with loves, AJ Muchos!