Movie Review: Chasing The Dragon

Genre : Action Crime
Language : Cantonese
Director : Jason Kwan, Wong Jing
Casts : Donnie Yen, Andy Lau
Release date : 28 September 2017

Ho (Donnie Yen) slipped into Hong Kong from Mainland China in the 60s’. At that time, Hong Kong Police Force partnered with the triads under British colonial rule. Corruption was as rampant as ever. Chief Detective Lee Rock (Andy Lau) appreciated Ho’s exceptional fighting skills and guts, thus helped him escape further torture by British Police. Ho was grateful to Rock for his help. During one of the gang fights, in order to save Rock, he even sacrificed his right leg, hence becoming “Crippled Ho”. The two had since developed a close brotherly love. And Rock helped Ho to become the No.1 leader of the drug empire. Rock and Ho became extremely powerful and separately ruled the upper-world and the underworld of Hong Kong. However, at the same time, they checked and wrestled with each other secretly to ensure the balance of power between them. Until 1974, the establishment of ICAC forced Rock to have a premature retirement. However, Ho did not want to quit, and was determined to become the sole dictator of the drug empire…

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We have attended the launching of 15th Latin American Film Festival in Malaysia organized by the embassies of Latin America and Carribean Countries in Malaysia on November 10, 2016, at Impiana KLCC Hotel. We were so overwhelmed for the invitation and got to meet the embassies too.
All attendees have been exposed with a trailer of all the Latin America Film includes 1 Malays Movie that has been screened early this year, REDHA. There will be 11 movie screening at Matic, Jalan Ampang Kuala Lumpur starting November 11, 2016. What are you guys waiting for? Mark your calendar and book your seat now.
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This November the cinema enthusiasts in Kuala Lumpur will have the opportunity to experience the quality and diverse content of Latin American films which will be screened during the 15th Latin American Film Festival 2016, from 11th to 18th of November, at Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTiC) in Jalan Ampang. Admission will be free and all the featured films will have English subtitles. 
For fifteen consecutive years the Embassies of the Latin American and Caribbean Group (GRULAC) in Malaysia (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela) have joined efforts to present a showcase of contemporary Latin America cinema to the Malaysian audiences. 


In accordance with the tradition of this Festival, aimed at the promotion of friendship and inclusion of a worldwide perspective of the film industry, this year Malaysia has been invited as the honour Guest Country. As such, one of the most representative films of Malaysia will be screened during the festival”, excerpt from their Facebook Page.


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Movie Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)


Henry Cavill as Clark Kent / Superman

Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne / Batman

Lauren Cohan as Martha Wayne

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne

Gal Gadot as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman

Amy Adams as Lois Lane

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor

Ezra Miller as Barry Allen / The Flash

 Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill) share the screen in this Warner Bros.

As a synopsis of the movie, it is about Lex Luthor mission to create Doomsday from General Zod’s corpse, Lex Luthor gained access to tons of restricted information about the universe. Lex Luthor has try to break the relationship between both super heroes.
Fortunately, Batman and Superman work as a team to save to world  especially Mary (Superman’s mother) whom got caught by Lex team. Team up of super heroes bring Lex to the prison, he reveal the he knows what will happen to the world.
Batman saved Mary. It was quite unfortunate, Superman could not make it ’til the end as he died in the fight with the alien. But is he really die? We don’t think so, as all Superman needs is the sun lights to cure his illness, that’s what happen when his body was buried. Seems like there will be the continuation of Batman v Superman.


Release Date: March 25, 2016 (USA)
Director: Zack Snyder
Genre: Action & Adventure,
 Science Fiction & Fantasy
Runtime: 2 hr. 31 min
Warner Bros. Pictures

Movie Review: The Huntsman: Winter’s War (2016)

Queen Ravenna found out Freya in love with her boyfriend and pregnant of their baby. Freya didn’t know that she is pregnant. She decided to grow the baby and waiting for her boyfriend to marry her. Ravenna never sides on her sister. After the baby was born, Freya received a letter from her boyfriend that he wants to marry her at the palace’s garden. While she is on her way there, she saw her room got fired. She found out her daughter killed and her boyfriend caught in the incident. Freya for the first time found her inner power and killed her boyfriend.
Freya can’t raised her own daughter, she choose to raised her own kingdom. She leave the castle and her sister to build her kingdom. She turns her green fertile soil into a castle of glass. The kidnap small kids and train them to be her troops. But she don’t allow  “love” in her kingdom.
Years by years, the kids grow up. Brighton and Sara fall in love. They planned to run away from the crystal castle. However, Freya caught them and challenge to fight and if they win, Freya will leave them alone. Unfortunately, Sara saw Brigthman left him and Brightman saw Sara has got killed. Both of them suffer for years until the Snow White’s huntsman look for Brightman to ask help. Sara saved Brigthman’s life in fight.
Brightman and Sara work in a team to get the mirror from Goblin who took it away from Snow White’s castle. On the same time, Freya is looking for the mirror and bring it back to the her kingdom. Freya managed to bring Ravenna back to live.
Ravenna use her power to dominate Freya’s kingdoms. Sara and Brightman agreed to eliminate Revenna. At the end of the story, Sara and Brigthman together in love. Revenna and Freya dead. Fraya’s Kingdom is free ever after. 
Release date: April 22, 2016 (USA)
Director: Cedric Nicolas-Troyan
Film series: The Huntsman film series
Story by: Evan Daugherty
Music composed by: Paul Newton
Running Time: 2 hours
Rate: 8/10

Movie Review: Dilwale (2016)

DILWALE is just another Hindustan movie that has been one of the top rank in Malaysia early this year. Most of the Hindustan movie fans make fuss and comparing between Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani. Everyone have rights to like or not to like this movie and to give their opinions. However, for Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol fans, this movie will one of the best.

This movie is about love and really melts our heart. The songs and story lines are sync with the scenery which complete the movie. The main actor is Shah Rukh Khan as Kaali / Raj and actress Kajol as Meera. Their father have conflicts and killed each other. In the other hands, Kaali and Meera fall in love. Due to the conflicts, Meera thought that Kaali killed her father which is not.

Kaali and Meera separated. Kaali and his brother while Meera and her sister moved to another country and meet again after 15 years. Coincidentally their younger brother and sister met and fall in love. They planned to get Kaali and Kajol back together. They live happily. The end 🙂 But it’s not ended there, as we downloaded the songs in Spotify and keep listening to the songs over and over again and it is so fall in love.


Duration: 2 Hours 45 minutes
Rate: 8/10

Movie Review: IP Man 3 – The real Wing Chun (2015)

Big fan of Kung Fu, should not missed the latest sequence of IP Man. IP Man 3 has been on the cinema in Malaysia since last week. The movie is satisfying. Nothing can compared to IP Man 1 & IP Man 2. All are great scene. IP Man 3 is focus on the originality of Wing Chun Kung Fu and the school crisis. IP Man’s son had a fight with his schoolmate which is son of one of the Wing Chun’s pratitioner, Cheung Tin Chi. They became friends after the fought.

The school has been attack by a ruthless property developer Frank (Mike Tyson). Ip Man have been busy to protect the elementary school principal, staff and children (including his own younger son Ip Chun) while  his wife suffering cancer diseased. Ip Man has been challenge by frank for a fight.

Tin Chi thought his technique as the authentic Wing Chun and openly challenges Ip to compete in order to emerge from the latter’s long illustrious shadow. He focus on his wife health. Ip Man brought his wife to a traditional medical practitioner to find cure. On the date which supposed to be the fight between Cheung Tin Chi and IP man. He have shown himself as a doting husband by taking his wife for a dance class. Mrs Ip Man was so happy as Ip Man finally fully his promise for the dance class. Unfortunately, Mrs Ip mans fell and admitted to the hospital.

Mrs. IP wrote a letter to Cheung Tin Chi to arrange a new date for the Wing Chun Kung Fu fight. IP Man agreed to go for the fight. Mrs Ip and their sons watched the fight. Ip Man won the fight and proven to be the original Whin Chun Kung Fu. He quoted, “Your life is nothing without people you love surrounding you”No to long after that, Mrs Ip Man died in 1960.

Duration: 2 hours
Rate: 9/10

Movie Review: Alvin & The Chipmunks 4 : The Road Chip (2015)

      The fourth episode of Alvin & The Chipmunks is already in the cinema. This time, it is about their journey to Miami. The story began with their Dave had to leave to Miami for their new album and it is a pair invitation. Dave planned to bring her girlfriend Samantha.
      Dave brought them for a mini golf and introduce them to Samantha and his son. However, the chipmunks have a bad experience with Samantha’s son, Miles. Miles bullied them. Dave never knew about it and announced that he will bring Samantha to Miami and leave the chipmunks with Miles at their house.
        A night before, the chipmunks found a ring and suspected Dave will proposed Samantha in Miami. They have told that to Miles and planning to ruin the proposal as they thought that Dave will abandon them after their marriage and will have a new brother, Miles. 
          The chipmunks and Miles go to Milan. But they we’re not able to get 4 tickets. Miles managed to book 1 ticket. Alvin is hiding inside his back pack. Simon is hiding in his pants and Theodore hide in the cockpit with other animal. Alvin and Simon got hungry on the plane and ask Miles for some food. But Miles went to sleep. Alvin started his game in the plane and try to get some food. Unfortunately, a psychotic air marshal, James Suggs being so mad as Alvin jumping on his head. Even worst when Theodore open cage of a monkey in the cockpit and all the animals goes to the deck. James Suggs caught the chipmunks and Miles to the office. The chipmunks has been banned from air flight. 
            Miles and the chipmunks run away and make a music show to earn money to go to Miami. Their show has gone to the news on air and Dave caught them. 
          The movie ended happily. Dave and Samantha go for a dinner date but the proposal turns-on another thing. Not too long after the proposal, Dave brought the chipmunks to the higher court for an official agreement.
Dave and the chipmunks
Running time 1 hour 26 minutes
Rate 8/10

Movie Review: STAR WARS – The Force Awaken

Another legend episode of a movie that has been waiting for. STAR WARS! Today is the third day showing in the cinema in Malaysia. Mostly seats are fully book. Luckily, I’ve gotten a chance yesterday as they have only one seat left for me 😀
     The Force Awaken is about a mission to complete the Luke Skywalker’s missing map and Han Solo, Kylo Ren and family connections. 
          The incident started when Poe Dameron and his BB-8 Droid went to see Vicar at the planet of Jakku to get the missing map of Luke Skywalker. Vicar gave the device to Poe. Unfortunately, the visit turns-out worst as The First Order (Bad Opponent) came to Jakku and killed Vicar. Poe handover the device to his BB-8 and asked him to ran as far as he can to keep the map safe.
Vicar and all the villagers got killed at Jakku. Poe has been caught to the First Order’s planet. Kylo has used his power to read Poe’s mind and found out that the missing map is with the BB-Droid. Kylo send storm trooper back to Jakku to get the BB-Droid. On the same time, Finn (one of the storm trooper) safe Poe and fly back to Jakku to get his droid. However, their plane crashed. Poe lost. Finn got him self safe and sheds his storm trooper armor and puts on a jacket that belongs to Poe. Finn walked over the dessert and met Rey and BB-Droid. however, the First Order found destroy the place.          
       Rey flies the old ship which is belong to Han Solo. They got into the space and caught by Han Solo. Few incidents happens on the space ship. Han Solo and his partner Chewie join Rey and Finn to deliver missing map to the Millennium Falcon. Han Solo brought them all to Yavin IV (a jungle planet that was once the home of the Rebel Alliance, and is now the main headquarters of the Resistance) to meet Maz Kanata(a pirate) to get some help. Some of the residents in Yavin send a signal to First Order that the Bb-Droid is there. On the same time, Rey heard a whisper from some where from the ground and brought him to the light sword. Maz Kanata told her that the sword is calling for her. First Order flies and destroy another Yavin planet. Kylo brought Rey with them.    
       Han Solo, Finn, Chewie and BB Droid are safe when the opponent came to the planet. Han Solo met his wife, Leia. Leia plies Finn for information about the First Order, likely probing for weaknesses All of them work together and plan to destroy First Order. Leia and Poe (with BB-8) prepare to assault the planet from space. Finn, Chewie and Han solo flies with their ship to First Order to safe Rey and destroy the defensive Array weapon. Rey escapes through a ventilation shaft. They made it, as First Order were low enough in the planet’s atmosphere to evade it.   
     Han Solo met her son, Kylo Ren and he got killed. Rey , Finn and Chewie saw it. Chewie was so angry and push the bomb button and destroyed the place. However, Kylo managed to ran and met Rey in the snow jungle. Rey was injured. Rey and Kylo fight. Rey won the fight. Chewie flies the space ship and bring Rey & Finn back to Falcon. In Falcon, they were able to get the complete map of Luke Skywalker. That some of it. It was an awesome movie for this year.       
The new Jedi is a lady, Rey.
Running time 2 hours 15 minutes
Rate 8/10

Movie Review: In The Heart of The Sea

       In The Heart of The Sea is a based on true story movie about the sank ship, Essex.  It is inspired by the novel “Moby Dick or The Whale” in 1851. After years the sank ship happened, a writer, Herman Melville wrote a letter to Thomas Nickeson for an interview for his book. It took him for a while to convince Thomas for the Essex story. Thomas has never been telling anyone about the Essex including his wife.
        Thomas Nickerson, is not the only person who survive but he is the youngest on the ship and been through challenging time on the ship. The whale oil’s investor, invested a lot for the Essex and hired the best among the best of their crew. Owen Chase which is married to a pregnant wife has been promised by the Pollard family to be a Captain. However, they postponed the contract and hired Pollard’s son to be the captain with the Essex.

        On their sailing days, Captain Pollard asked the crew to speed their ship while there was a typhoon in the sea. Chase disagreed as the typhoon almost killed them all and have asked their crew the other way round. After days of sailing, the found a whale. Nickerson have the smallest body size has go into the whale body to get the oil. They managed to get about 50 barrels oil. That’s all. They were running out of food and had to stop by at one of the island. 

        Found out that the sailor from the island lost 6 of their  crew due to a white 10 feet whale in the deep ocean. The deep sea have a lot of whales which could give them 1000-2000 barrels of whale oils in a day. Pollard and Chase decided to go there to find out the truth about the whale.
    Their challenges started there when they reach to the deep see where they could not see anything else and no one been there. They saw whales. They started hunting. However, they saw a white whale 10 feet longer than their ship attacked them. Chase tried to killed the white whale but failed. They has to go back to the ship. On the way to the Essex, the white whale following them and attack. 

         The Essex started to sank and fire due the oil whale. All of their crew went to the small ship and collect as much food as they can to survive. However, they a running out of food and been dying. More than 80 days on the ship. No food, no water. Ended up, the have to eat their own crew body who has died. That was the terrible part, the reason why Nickeson have not told anyone about The Essex. He felt guilty and afraid of losing his wife. 

       The movie really affected me and friend as when we walked out the cinema, the only thing that play in our mind until now, “how do the survive and eat their crew?“. It is the conflict then becomes one not of man versus beast, but of man versus his own moral fibre when confronted with a worst-case-scenario fight for survival. I would rather to think thousand times before get on to any ship to the deep sea. 

Til then, xoxo. AJ.

Movie Review: IP Man 3 (2015)

Big fan of Kung Fu, should not missed the latest sequence of IP Man. IP Man 3 has been on the cinema in Malaysia since last week. The movie is satisfying. Nothing can compared to IP Man 1 & IP Man 2. All are great movies. IP Man 3 is focus on the originality of Wing Chun Kung Fu. On the same time, the school crisis. IP Man’s son had a fight with his schoolmate which is son of one of the Wing Chun’s practitioner.

His son’s school has been attacked by brutal gangsters led by a crooked property developer, Twister (Mike Tyson) . Master Ip is forced to take a stand by at the school to protect the safety. Unfortunate, his son and few other kids has been kidnapped by them as hostage. Ip Man rescue his son and the rest. 
Ipman’s wife is suffering cancer diseased. While waiting for his wife’s turn for check up at the sensei, IP Man is reading the newspaper and her wife saw that Cheung Tin Chi  (Wing Chun’s practitioner) challenge IP Man to prove who have the original Whin Chun. Ip Man turns the page and ignore it. He focus on his wife healthy. On the date which supposed to be the fight, IP Man ignore the event and took his wife for a dance class. Mrs Ip Man was so happy as Ip Man finally fully his promise for the dance. Unfortunately, Mrs Ip mans fell and admitted to the hospital. 
Mrs. IP wrote a letter to Cheung Tin Chi to set a new date for the fight. IP Man agreed to go for the fight. Mrs Ip and their sons watched the fight. Ip Man won the fight and proven to be the original Whin Chun Kung Fu. He quoted, “Your life is nothing without people you love surrounding you”No to long after that, Mrs Ip Man died in 1960.

Duration: 2 Hours
Rate: 9/10