Windows 8: Your connection is not private

Why I cannot open Google web page on my browser. Chrome, ID and Opera won’t work. It is giving this error:

windows 8 your connection is not provate


  1. Other browsers are not able to open the site
  2. Other devices or computer with the same WiFi / Network can open the site
  3. Power cycle / rebooting computer / modem does not fix


There are few main reasons of the error but the very first thing to check before you jump to any other troubleshooting is DATE and TIME because it will prevent your from certain sites. Computer’s inaccurate date and time are the biggest cause of an SSL error or “Your connection is not private” error message. Once updated, try open the site again.

If still does not work, go to the next check,


Anti-virus programs block the website’s security certificate and in result you face “your connection is not private” error on Web browsers.

Uncheck the “Enable HTTPS scanning” box or Turn OFF the Scan SSL.


Reset chrome browser settings to the default browser settings

CHECK 4: Network & Sharing

Open network and sharing centre
On the left side- click on:
Change advanced sharing settings.
Click on home or work.
Go through and check “turn off” for the first three questions.
Turn on password.

We hope this troubleshooting steps will helps. If you have any other options to fix this issue, please share.


Q&A: When are you getting married?

Oh hey! 

I just remember something. Last week a friend said that, “usually the girls at you age are worry about getting married. Why you are not worrying about it and why you are still single?”.

So, I said “before I answer your question, let me ask you something, do you know when you are going to die?”.

He said,” I don’t know. Then I said, “I have the same answer for your question. Did you get my point?”. His face a bit awkward. 

Sorry, I don’t mean to stab your heart with my question. But you should feel how I feel when you asked me earlier 🙂

Am I too cool for you? Lol.

My heart is too fragile to be break again, just like the macaroon, it is too soft. Once you bite, all will be crack up. Auch!

Thank you for asking, AJ. xoxo muchos!