Skincare: Facial Treatment

Hi everyone!

I haven’t share about the skin care for quite sometimes. So here a lil bit of my routine and my favourite skin care for face products. 

Those three here are quite cheap. You guys can get it from Daiso at any AEON. As low as MYR 5.20 incluiding 6% of GST (Last time it was like MYR 5 for each items there). Anyways, I don’t really use a set of facial cleanser – from cleanser to toner to moisturizer to night cream to mask to whatever – for daily use on my face. I am kinda lazy type of girl lol.

Let’s starts with this. The Charcoal Peel of Mask. I really really like those type of charcoal, mud, apricot, almond – or in other words, NATURAL. 

I use this mask once a week. Before apply it, wash your face with luke warm water and wipe your face, Make sure your skin is dry before apply it. Because if its wet, then it won’t really stick on your skin. 

You have to apply it very quick because it is sticky. Leave the mask dry at least 15 minutes. But me ,I will leave it about 2o minutes and take a nap lol.
After that , you can just peel off the mask. When you peel it, you can see that mask will peel off your black head and white heads on your face. It feels good! Just in case, if it stick to your hair or eyebrow, you can wash off with water. 

The second product is Moisture Almond Peeling Gel. I will use this after done with the Charcoal Peeling Mask. Make sure the skin is dry. 

Apply the correct amount that you need on your face and you will have to rub it all over your face until it gets dry and it will become small flakes. You can feel your skin a lil bit burn / hot as you have to rub your skin. But it is okay. 

Wait a few minutes before you wash off your face again. I feel my skin become smooth 😀

This is the final thing, which is Charcoal Cleansing Foam. I use this once daily only. It is very thick.

I wet my face first before I apply it on face. Massage and let it be foam. Just wash off with water or like warm water is the best. 
I can feel the different with this. All the make up leftovers on the face were gone. So it is one of the best thing for my skin. 
After done all this, I will apply Aloevera soothing gel on my skin, I have discuss about this product long time ago. You can check it out here
Everyone have a different skin type and we MUST know our body / skin first before we do anything. We can read review of the product first before purchasing it. Expensive does not mean good for you. I do use SK2 once. but seems it does not really suite my skin.
If you don’t have time to Spa / Saloon for skin care treatment, you can just do it at home. Soon, I will share about skin treatment at the saloon 🙂

That’s all for now!

Muchos! xoxo AJ

Skincare: White Radiance Serum by Olay

Hi all!

Again the beauty of the skin. The main concern of every girl on earth to care about their skin. It is not about having bright skin but having healthy , radiance and clear skin. Most important clean! Apart from using moisturizer, Serum is my best friend now and then. I used to use few brands but seems this is most suitable to my skin.

White Radiance Serum from Olay cost about 40 bux if not mistaken. I can’t remember the price. Since I only bought this product once in life and the rest, my mom bought for me. lol! My mom always have the guts to buy me all this kind of stuff and even sometimes, she promoting me to buy this and that. So far, a bottle of serum last for 2-2.3 months for me. I apply it twice a day before applying the Aloe Soothing Gel. Since I have Aloe Soothing gel, I rarely use this. But still at least once a day. Alhamdulillah, I do not have any skin problem. Clean and clean still. lol.

*Tips: Back when I was early teenage stage, I do have pimple once in a while. So what I did was..

I took “bedak sejuk” (It is made of fermented rice. Usually my late grandmother/opah will made lots of it so I take some for myself) then I mix it with few drop of lime. After that I will apply it just on the pimple. Can feel a bit burning but in few days, the pimple gone. No pain no gain! 🙂

So that’s it for now. 

With loves. xoxo AJ

Skincare: Aloe soothing moisture gel from the face shop

This is what I have been using for quite sometimes now..

Aloe Vera soothing moisture gel from the face shop. Honestly, It is damn good. I do apply it on my face – everyday – before applying face cream. I received some compliments from friends since using this, they said my skin is glowing. So, since everyone want to know what is the product all about…
This is my BIG secret… Ain’t big deal for this gel, it cost me MYR 29 if not mistaken.
I also apply it on my old scars. And its getting lighter by day. It is cold, light and easy to absorb into the skin. I am sharing this experience and review on my own use. 

**This is a non-paid review. All statement is based on my own experience. You can take my positive impression about this product before considering to buy or use this product**

With loves, xoxo. AJ.