Apps: Splice

SPLICE is platform to create and integrate music in to a video. It is one of the best application for amateur video-grapher to edit a short video for free. It is best running on iPhone. It is user-friendly application. Better than windows movie maker and iMovie. It is faster rendering times.

What you can do with SPLICE ?

  • Easily create videos and sideshows
  • No length limits
  • Add watermarks, or ads.
  • Includes free filters, songs, sound effects, text overlays, transitions, and precise editing tools
  • Cut and / or trim video
  • Narrate – Record your own voice (or other audio) into your project
  • HD: Edit and export high definition videos, up to 1080p
  • Share: Share directly to Social Media

As for now it is only available for Apple user only. You can download it from here: SPLICE Apple Store